About Take A Warrior Fishing

Fishing Adventures for Military Heroes

At Take A Warrior Fishing, Inc. we're not just about fishing — we're about creating memories, fostering connections, and showing appreciation for our military community.

Starting as a humble initiative in Wake County, NC, our vision has always been clear: to offer solace, joy, and camaraderie to those who've worn the nation's uniform because we know that "Fishing Heals." From organizing fishing events at Shearon Harris Lake to extending our reach towards the Coast of North Carolina and beyond, we're constantly expanding our horizons to ensure every warrior gets a chance to cast their line.

Our commitment is unique and unwavering. We cater to not just Veterans, but the entire spectrum of the military community, be it Active Duty, Reserve, or Retired personnel. With the unwavering support of our boat owner/operators and volunteers, we've carved a niche in offering unparalleled, zero-cost fishing experiences.


Dive Into the Heart of North Carolina's Fishing Community

Whether you're a warrior seeking a peaceful day on the lake, a boat owner with a heart for service, or a volunteer looking to give back — you're welcome aboard. Dive into our story, support our mission, and become a part of our growing community in Fuquay Varina, NC and the broader Southeast U.S. region.

Beyond our annual events, we're proud to introduce a year-round portal allowing our military heroes to connect with boat owners whenever the water calls them.

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Join us in connecting military veterans with boat owners for unforgettable experiences on the water.

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